Living History Museum

Museum and Gifts

Patsy Zeigler, Curator
Robert Peavy, Assistant Curator
2980 Ebenezer Road
Rincon, Georgia 31326
Office Phone:  (912) 754-7001

Saturday and Sunday
3:00 P.M. to 5:00P.M.
or by calling (912) 655-4555 for an appointment.

GSS Museum Gift Shop Catalog

Museum Catalog 2020

Entrance to the Museum and Shop

The Georgia Salzburger Society Gift Shop

Items listed below are just a few of the books and gifts that are available in the Museum Gift Shop. Come visit the Museum and the Gift Shop. If you wish to purchase items by mail, send your request to the above address, in care of Museum Curator, along with a check made payable to the “Georgia Salzburger Society Museum”. Add 7% Georgia Sales Tax on all purchase totals. Include postage and handling of $6.00 for order unless otherwise stated.

(phone our office or Museum for cost of shipping – 912-754-7001)

The Jerusalem Church Plate$25.00
The Insignia of the Georgia Salzburger Society in color$18.00


Salzburger Heritage Throw…The design of the colorful throw shares the history of the Salzburgers from Senior Pastor John Martin Boltzius to the logo of the Society.

Price: $ 53.50 plus 7% sales tax. Add $10.00 for the handling and shipping charges.

Salzburger Dolls...The porcelain dolls are 14 inches high and each has its own rag doll.
Their costumes are a muted color. These dolls are a pleasant reminder of our Salzburger ancestors who settled at Ebenezer in 1734.

The dolls are $20.00 per pair, Georgia Sales Tax as applicable. Shipping cost is $10.00 per set.

Jerusalem Lutheran Church painting by Peggy ConE

Jerusalem Lutheran Church painting by Peggy Cone